Slowenien 2017 - Poslovni informator Republike Slovenije

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PIRS on-line
Reliable, mostly directly verified information

PIRS - Poslovni informator Republike Slovenije
PIRS CDRom - Sample in text-format190.000 Firmenadressen in 2.000 Branchengruppen
inkl. Entscheider, Mitarbeiteranzahl,  eMail & Homepage, Produkte & Services, Markennamen
Unbeschränkter Export der Daten in 1.000er Schritten möglich !

In Pirs-on-line the data are daily updated. It contains:

  • more than 193 000 business subjects,
  • of which more than 87 000 are directly verified;
  • more than 54 000 electronic addresses,
  • of which 42 000 with prior consent according to Article 109 of ECA;
  • more than 29 000 web-addresses;
  • more than 93 000 telephone numbers.  

The main advantages of Pirs:

  • verified information on business subjects and
  • the classification of companies by products and services within a certain activity.

Export to the file« is a Pirs business tool, which provides the possibility of exporting the main company data to the file. The program exports the following data:
• name of the company
• street and street number
• main telephone number
• main fax number
• name of the responsible person
• internet address

In the list of results select one or more companies by clicking the logic field on the upper left side next to each company, or choose all at the same time by clicking »Select all«.

For the selected companies choose the option »Export data to the file« and the program will offer you the data presented in the CSV format. The data can be opened immediately or saved in data file on your disk. The name »Pirs export.csv« will be offered by the program, but you may freely change it.
The data are now ready for use.

Sample: http://www.faust-information.com/pirs.txt